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Don't Take Your Thoughts Too Seriously.

Thoughts pass through our consciousness like scenes of a movie pass through on a screen. There are many scenes to the movie. Don't get stuck on one.

We don't need to take thoughts or scenes of a Movie seriously. It's only when we give importance to the thinking we are having that it starts to create feelings in us and the scene now seems real.

When we can view it as thought, and not identify ourselves with the thought, it loses its power immediately and dissolves.

We don't need to change our thinking, it will fade as soon as we see it for what it is. It's thought. It's not us.

What we can do, is change our relationship to thought. Notice that thoughts don't stick around. It's nature is to fade.

Let it fade.

Look at yourself as someone that's outside of thought and your relationship with it will change.

Come back to your nature. Which is to be neutral and peaceful.

Let thoughts arise and fade as you witness them and life will be pleasant. Thoughts don't matter until we think we are the thoughts we have. Then they shape our world. Whether that's joyful or depressing. Life is neutral.

Don't take it seriously. Have fun. Be lighthearted.


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