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It Pulls Me Daily.

What is your Life Purpose? I used to get extremely confused attempting to find the answer to this question and felt like I was creating a ceiling exploring it.

What if we had a daily purpose instead? I get fascinated and lit up when I witness someone experience a glimpse of their own wisdom because I know they are able to see their world differently. And when I get to be the one that facilitates the space for that to happen, I consider it an absolute privilege.

This is my daily purpose.

It pulls me daily.

We get so hung up trying to find our life purpose that we miss what's available to us here everyday.

Service. Possibility. Simplicity.

I don't know what my purpose will be 10 or 50 years from now. It makes no sense for me to make a box in my mind, label it "Life Purpose" and start filtering to see what fits in it when I can be practicing my daily purpose.

I know this daily purpose is the rhythm that I can dance to today. It's available here, now. Maybe that rhythm will be enhanced in 10 years, maybe it will be a different one. It doesn't matter.

I know that when I try and find my life purpose, it takes me away from being in my daily service. It takes me away from simplicity. It takes me away from possibility.

When I come from a place of a daily purpose, I dance to the rhythm. I create fun environments for that to happen. I keep it open to see how I can serve. I let go of finding a purpose and CREATE one.

Create a DAILY purpose that will pull your heart and you will never need an imaginary Life Purpose.

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