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One of my biggest insights from last year has been to ask for assistance before I NEED help.

We wait till we need help in our business, then we hire a coach. We wait till our health declines, then we look into getting a gym membership and eating healthy. We wait till our relationships are deteriorating, then we find ways to hang onto them and attempt to improve them out of fear. We wait till we have problems, then find solutions.

This mindset keeps us away from elevating our game. It keeps us away from living into the possibilities we can already see. The reality we want seems somewhere in the distance future for us, and we eventually lose enthusiasm because we're busy solving the problem we have at hand (which we created). T

his is a problem solving mindset. You wait till you have a problem, then you get help. (I was brilliant at this)

What if you get someone to assist you when you don't NEED help?

When you are already doing good in your business and you want to do GREAT. When you can see the possibilities in optimizing your health, and you want to make it a reality. When you know your relationships are deep and meaningful, but you still give them full priority and be present in enhancing them.

You KNOW you can do it alone, but you can get there FASTER with assistance.

This is a different mindset. It's a different way of being. It's the difference between surviving and striving. It's the difference between "fixing" a problem out of fear of losing out vs creating an opportunity from a clear and loving space.

This is Powerful.

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