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Unplug Yourself to Enjoy.

I recently went to Mexico for a week to celebrate my best friend's wedding.

It was a fantastic week spent with some of the people that I grew up with. Lots of fun, food and laughs but It wasn't until a few days after I got back and reflected on it that I realized what I got from it.

Besides spending time with some close friends and being there for the wedding celebrations, for me it was also about letting things be the way they are in an even bigger way than I usually do.

I've been on a high learning curve for the most part of this year building my coaching practice that it took me 2 full days to adjust to this new environment. (Physically yes, but more so mentally). When I first got there I found myself planning the next day or even wanting to know what time it was.

After 2 days I took off my watch and never looked at it again. I let go. No plans. When I went for a walk on the beach I simply went for that walk. I didn't think. When I was reading my book by the pool I was carefree....or sipping those mojitos in the afternoon, I was super present to that. - Mojitos made with Don Julio tequila. Fabulous! It wasn't so much in the action that I was taking but more about staying with what the moment brought in a way I haven't done lately without scheduling it.

I realized after I returned that I was needing this holiday. I was needing to let go of some control that I didn't even know I was controlling. If that makes sense. I feel a different sense of clarity after that holiday trip.

Sometimes when we feel like we should do more work, start more projects or chase our next goal the best thing we can do is the exact opposite. Take a break.

Slowing down is about taking space. It's not necessarily about doing less.

I'll be adding more space with no control more often now. It has paid me well.

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