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My Friend's Wedding.

This morning I leave for Mexico to be there for my best friends Wedding Celebration.

I've known this man since I was the age of 14 and we've been through so many interesting and completely life changing experiences together (to say the least).

He is one of the most Genuine, Raw and REAL people I've ever met in this world. His support to everyone who enters his life is always beyond one can imagine... Always. That's just how he rolls! I feel privileged to be there in person and watch him marry his high school sweetheart. I've known both of them for many years now, and have witnessed each of them find their way into the others heart through times of struggle and times of joy.

It's been completely gratifying for me to see them create their own unique way moving towards the uncertainty of life together, with each other, and doing so with such high standards. I'm extremely proud of them and I've learned so much from each of them.

Now they will invite more of what life brings but in a deeper way, together. I'm excited for them and their journey as it unfolds. I have a high level of respect for these two beautiful humans.

Oh yea, and their 2 children are my favourite people on the planet.

I'm sooooo looking forward to spending some slow and long days with dynamic and amazing people and I definitely won't mind indulging in one of my favourite foods a bit much for the next few days.

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