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One Day = Whole Life.

One day is your whole world.

Since you cannot go into your past except through memory and can't get into your future without imagination. This day today holds all of the glory ever available to you.

The way I'm seeing my today is that I can Live my day (life) making decisions from 3 perspectives.

1. Live as if it's your first day.

What do you want to create in this brand new world where you know nothing? No previous knowledge. Only your intuition is available. You have access to the higher intelligence on demand but no experience from your past. It doesn't exist. Explore it with wonder in your eyes. It's your first day.

Smile. This is a lot of fun.

2. Live as if it's your last day. T

he outcome of whatever you do doesn't matter. You're free from worrying about the results. You simply do everything you wanted to do, but you do it right now because there is no tomorrow. Have tons of fun. It's your last day.

3. Live as if you will never die.

Build a foundation with the vision of how it will impact the world around you. You will be here to watch it. Plant a tree because you will be here to see it provide shade and fruit years from now. Invest in children because you can see the exponential impact it will make in the years to come. Slow down, Take your time. You are immortal.

How much fun is in each step? You have all the time ever available. You can afford to look deep within each action. It's a long and fulfilling journey.

Dance between these 3 ways of being in in your day. Your whole day (world) is filled with extreme diversity.

And do it while dancing!!

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