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I've been in this position before maybe you are in it now.

You work to pay the bills and you have convinced yourself it's "not bad" because it could be worse.

But what do you LIVE TO DO?

What PIQUES your interest? Not just catches it but LIGHTS you up?

What has you get EXCITED exactly like when you were little and it was time to play?

Do you like to write? You love to play an instrument that you haven't picked up in a long time? You like to teach people and help them grow? Do you like to work with children? Pets? Would you like to impact others that have gone through what you did and help them see their world differently so they don't make your mistakes?

What makes you Alert? What is PLAY to you? Where does your mind go when you daydream and you catch yourself smiling?

What is that DREAM? Explore this just a bit to start and do it for YOURSELF. Nobody else. Just yourself. When you start to do this FOR YOU, you will see how others will respond and once you see that, you will do it for others. You will gift them with whatever it is that YOU are enjoying. Because you are IN-JOY. You will lift others and you will be lifted too.

Have you seen a child in joy? Doesn't it feel like you have received a gift?

But, how do you do it? What do you say? Where do you start? Who do you meet?

How = Google it. If it's an instrument or a speech? Youtube it. Take notes. Watch it again and then again.

Say what? = Say what you feel, not what is appropriate. Speak about why you love doing it. Stay away from the logistics for now.

Where do you start? = At home.... Now. Write it out. No structure needed.

Who do you meet? = speak it out into the world then Start, and they will come to you.

What other reasons are coming up? Maybe you don't enough money or enough time?

Are you really LIVING to get more money? Are you living to get more time? When will that happen? How do you know?

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