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You have the spirit of divine always residing inside of you.

It comes out and to the surface when it is NEEDED!

Why not bring it out when it is not needed?

Your spirit is the most resilient part of you. Nothing can tear it down. Nothing can corrupt it. Nothing will take away its clarity and purity.

Why should we wait to bring this out of us only in adversity or difficult times?

Don't wait. Don't wait till you HAVE to know your potential.

Know it NOW. Choose consciously to bring out your potential when you are already doing good in aspects of your life. This is how you go from good to GREAT!

Tap into your spirit and have it guide you. You will be SURPRISED as to what you can achieve, accomplish or even let go of when you bring out your warrior spirit.

Don't wait till it's needed. Draw out the potential that's seeking to be used.

Life is begging you to use it. To enhance it. To upgrade yourself.


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