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What Is A Miracle?

Conversations change lives.

If you're looking for a miracle, look no further than a shift in your perspective.

When you start to see your world differently, a miracle has occurred.

Everyone can create this miracle. The only requirement is that you have to be willing to grow. Be willing to practice authenticity Moment to moment. Because that's really the only way to be authentic. And when you become aware that you weren't being authentic the last moment or the one before that, be okay with that and move on.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be open with yourself and keep the soil fertile for growth and you are ready to create shifts in perspectives. In other words, miracles.

When the shifts in perspectives happen and we follow through with action, we create a momentum that builds, and that momentum connects all the actions of this new way of life thread by thread.

Practice consistently and it will build. It will grow. Nurture your growth internally. Have your heart guide your external decisions and over a period of time you will see your miracle come to life. Our minds don't know the difference between imagination and reality. If you continue to distinctively expand your vision in your head, and track that on paper, your mind will hold to that vision and with courageous action, it will become your reality! That's a miracle!

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