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How Do You Define Yourself?

When you know you are DIVINE you can go back to Being Human

How do you define yourself?

Do you define yourself by what you have? What you do? What you have achieved? What you have been through? What you think your potential is?

How do you identify yourself? Not how the world does, how do YOU?

Is it by the work you do? Your past experiences? How your relationships have turned out? How many degrees and awards you have?

Here's some news for you.


If you really want to hang on to and identity. That's it right there. Everything else after is details.

Consider this. When you are divine you can BE anyone or anything else you want to be without attaching yourself to that identity and on the same token you can drop being who you don't want to be.

That's powerful.

You want to be angry? Be You want to be happy? Be You want to be sad? Be You want be compassionate? Be You want to be vulnerable? Be.

Why? Because that's Being Human.

You don't have to identify and define yourself by these ever changing ways of being. And knowing this, you can give yourself the permission to be all of them fully. You can choose which ones to be. Because at the end of the day, you are divine. You are not these other ways of being.

It's in your power of choice.

Don't let past thoughts create feelings that will tell you who you are. CHOOSE your way of being.

You tell your thoughts and feelings who you want to be.

Can you give yourself the permission to be who and what you want to be when you want to be it?

We struggle with that don't we?

We struggle to feel our emotions so deeply and embrace them all on fear of becoming them.

We identify ourselves by them. Well you're off the hook for them now. :)

You're not emotions you feel and the thoughts you think. You are Divine.

Now you can chose to be and feel what you want. Go ahead, do it. You won't die.

Take this to another level. Who do you want to be for this world? For your world? You can create that.

Because at the end of the day, you are not that either. It's just who you can be. And you can drop that once you are no longer aligned to it. What's possible for you now that you see this?

On the contrary, consider that everyone else is also divine. They are BEING angry, sad, jealous, joyful, annoying, humble, arrogant, cruel, vulnerable, compassionate etc. you get the point.

They are not that which thy are being. They are Divine? What does that perspective open up for you? How do you see your world differently now? How do you see others differently?

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