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A Tribute To Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Dr Wayne Dyer influenced my life in a major way.

He was the first person that challenged some of my deeply held beliefs.

I remember the first time I watched him speak at one of his PBS specials- "Change your thoughts, change your life". The words he spoke were so profound to me that at first I didn't fully understand what he was talking about, yet unintentionally I carried his words with me through each day as I was transitioning into a major change in my life and felt lost. His teachings provoked me many times, but he had such a gentle way of doing so that I kept coming back to his teachings each time opening up more and exploring my curiosity around these concepts that seemed alien to me.

Slowly, I started to first let in what he was teaching, then practiced it. I started to see my life shift in a direction I would've never guessed.

He taught me trust.

He was also the first person that had me thinking of how I can impact the planet in a conscious way.

Something I heard him say in his movie "The Shift" was.

"There is a place deep within each of us that wants to feel fulfilled, a place that wants to know of my life has made a difference, that I've left this planet better than when I arrived, that someone's life has been profoundly touched because of my existence".

There is a place like that within each of us and you Dr Wayne have certainly lived from there.

A remarkable human being that has lived a fulfilled life and inspires me to also live a fulfilling life.

Thank you Dr.Wayne.

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