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Inspiration vs Desperation.

Many of us live our lives from the land of Desperation when it's actually EASIER to live out of Inspiration.

Living from Inspiration fills us with joy, Lights us up and keeps our curiosity alive.

Living from desperation has us act out of fear and scarcity.

Sure fear can be a great motivator. It can be used for activities like skydiving. However, when we get used to living from here, we'll take it into other aspects of our lives.

You must have noticed if you ever waited till the last hour to do what you need to do for the day. What kind of feelings fill you up? Inspiration or Desperation.

Some of us do this on a bigger scale and wait till our health starts to deteriorate, then we're forced to change. Our finances get in a state that NEED our attention, we then start having those sleepless nights. Our relationships start to suffer from ignoring the important aspects. Then we go and see that counsellor. We take the easy way (or so it seems) before we are forced to take action on making adjustments on our priorities.

It becomes an act of Desperation.

I have lived many years of my life out of Desperation. I have let things slide for a long time in the past until I was desperate. This mindset transferred into bigger scale issues in life.

Sometimes I see it creeping up on me still today in little actions like eating late or filling up the gas tank the next day because I'm too tired now, but now I catch it quick. I don't let it catch me. I know if I don't plan my meals I will eat out of hunger instead of conscious health. I know if I don't fill my gas tank tonight some thing will come up tomorrow and I'll be rushing in desperation, and I also know this will carry on to the next event.

How We Do Anything Is How We Do Everything. It takes great effort and energy to live from the land of Desperation. That effort could be used elsewhere much more productively. It's difficult to get away from this land once we're in it.

To live out of Inspiration fuels our childlike wonder. We start to think "I wonder what I could create here". It removes the ceiling from above us. It allows us to play.

When we live out of Inspiration we are open to SEE more, FEEL more and BE more. We aren't running through life with blinders on desperate to reach our deadlines. We are pulled by our heart because we're inspired by our environment and surroundings. We're excited to see what's next.

What are you inspired by? Who are you inspired by? What can you CREATE out of this inspiration? Look at the relationships in your life. What inspires you about them? In what direction do you want to grow?

What's possible?

Take a look at your career. What is possible for you? How can you become a high performer in your field?

What is it about the human body that inspires you? How can you push yourself to achieve results that inspire you? How can you teach your optimal health? Does that inspire you? To live from the land of inspiration is to live in flow. Be inspired by your own next move. Life will pull you to your next adventure. Look for what inspires you. ALWAYS seek out the inspiration for your own life. You will love your life and life will love you back.

Don't live your life from the land of Desperation. Live from Inspiration.

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