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My Daily Ritual.

My Daily Ritual. I have a routine that I start my day with and recently I've made some changes to it.

For a long time, my routine was to Mediate, Read, Exercise and Eat something healthy before I started my day. The same 4 activities each day.

I kept this up for a long time and it did serve me, but I started to notice recently that it was feeling more like a chore rather than an empowering ritual that would set my day up well. It became boring and I found myself slipping away from it often because it just wasn't fun for me anymore. It was the same 4 things every single day.

I had to change it. So to switch it up, I made a new list.

I put down all the things I enjoy that would be empowering and fun and would have me look forward to the next day.

This is my list.

-Silent meditation

-Yoga -Read my current book

-Watch an inspiring show on TedTalks or you tube -Play loud music and dance

-Drink a green juice

-Walk in nature


-HIIT training

-Eat fresh fruit


-Weight training

-Full body stretch

Now I pick any 4 of these activities to start the day. It takes me about an hour to do all 4. When I'm having a rough start I'll pick 5 or 6.

Sometimes I'll do one or two of them in the middle of the day to pick me up.

It's so much more fun having this variety and what's even better is that I don't know which one I'll pick each day. So it's a surprise to me. I get to chose every morning. I automatically look forward to it. I also track it by checking of each one I do for the day. It's been a few weeks now and When I look back to it, it's impressive to see which ones I've done and how much of it. It inspires me to keep going and as I discover new ones I add them to the list.

It's fantastic.

Today I did my meditation, a full body stretch, ate some fruit and now I'm off to the gym.

What ritual or routine do you have to start your day that energizes you? Do you have a list you keep track of?

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