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Life is two equal Parts.

Life is two equal parts. 1 part reflection. 1 part action.

We have this incredible capacity to notice what we Experience beyond our mind, and we have this amazing potential to take what we notice and have it be expressed through us in all kinds of creative ways.

Whether that’s through poetry, dance, writing, speaking, building, painting, cooking, or even just listening.

These loving ways of expression is natural and choice-less if we can only quiet down enough for us to be guided by the forces that created us. All we have to do is start.

Start taking action on the thoughts that feel good and the next step will be revealed. There is a system in place that will guide us with new insight, thought and inspiration only after we get moving and take some steps to experiment. You can see this system of action in our body. We feed the body, and our digestive system starts to go into action immediately. . That’s Intelligence.

Our minds are the same. When a thought enters our consciousness- our emotions come alive, Our senses are illuminated and a perspective is born. And it happens moment to moment. All we have to do is start by taking the first step. Then the system will enhance our next steps. And the potential will unfold as if it were already designed to... because it is. 1 part reflection. 1 part action.

Rinse and repeat.

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