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Feeling Stuck?

When you feel stuck or when you feel like you're mind is contracted and you're not getting the ideas that are helpful, the best thing you can do is take a break from that piece of work.

The way our minds work, is that when we have lots of thinking on our mind, it contracts.

We start to think the same thoughts over and over and the more circular they become, the more distorted our mind will be.

That thinking becomes stale and blocks the natural inspiration and wisdom to flow through. But if we can do the best we know how in the moment and be okay with leaving it alone for now, our minds will get a break. It will get the chance for the circular thinking to take its natural course and fade.

And when that happens, our minds open up to allow the natural flow of insight and inspiration to come through.

Our best ideas and insights always come through when our minds are clear and in peace.

An expanded mind is in a lighthearted and fun state, and that's the fertile soil for all the creativity we ever need to come through.

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