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Next Round Begins APRIL, 10TH 2024 at 11am Pacific Time.


This Program is designed to take you on a spiritual and practical journey that will help you get grounded in a simple and​ sustainable way, while allowing you to merge with the impersonal creative nature of your true self

What others are saying from their experience of participating in the ''Be Human'' Program. -

"Shenan has an immense capacity to hold a grounding space that supports in the exploration of awareness and understanding of how we create our experiences in our lives.

I came into the program wanting more clarity and peace, as I have been a life long worrier and over-analyzer, and by the end of the program, I can say I am in a different relationship with over-thinking and I have benefitted substantially from my participation in the group Shenan brought together.

I have also been able to develop and deep relationships with fellow participants and I love that about my experience. I would highly recommend experiencing this powerful, grounding, near undefinable experience to anyone looking to develop a more loving, peaceful relationship with one's own mind, self, and one's life.

I am very grateful for my time with Shenan Charania and the other beautiful humans in this group". - Daniel Wang


What 'BE    HUMAN  ' will cover for you:


Arrive at an understanding of how your experience of life is shaped within you from the inside-out. Life is created by you, for you, and always works in your favour.

Week #2 - LISTENING - Part one

Become more conscious as to how you can listen to the world, your mind and the the divine wisdom that is within your soul that allows you to meet life with clarity, quality, and equanimity.

Week #3 - LISTENING - Part two

I am a life long student of deep listening. I continue to learn that there are deeper levels of listening that can heal anything by simply making it more conscious. Listening is also the most effective way to create our world from the deeper intelligence that is behind all of life. Healing or creating happens by fine tuning our listening ability. We will go deeper into learning about how to listen with less interference from the conditioned mind, and how to seamlessly connect with work, relationships and life in the most simple ways.


Gratitude is the most powerful state to be in that allows us to feel and appreciate life for how it is, rather than how we expect it to be. From this state, we see clearly how we can be with everything and everyone. We get a deeper sense of pure hope and pure love that allows for wisdom to take the lead in life. In our world, there are many things to be grateful for, and they always change as we change, but a genuine transformation spontaneously occurs when we can see and appreciate the capabilities within us that never change. In this week, we will turn inwards to notice a afferent angle of gratitude and explore the capacity we hold that allows for all experiences to occur. We will get intimate with experience itself and see that being grateful for the ability to have thoughts, feelings and experiences can completely shift how we live life to a more effortless, free and creative existence.

Week #5 - SILENCE

​There is dead silence, and there is also silence that is alive. One is quiet and empty of sound or noise. 
And the other is an infinite and intense force that makes us come alive. Silence is the space that is responsible for creating literally everything. The silence before any thought or word is formed, is different than the silence after the spoken word. The silence before is explosive in its nature. Out of that silence comes presence, connection, and creativity. We become more alive and alert. We find ourselves more curious and lighthearted. The more we merge into silence, the less stuck we feel. In this week, we will get more in touch with the silence that is before all experience and allow for the force of life to come forth. Silence is who we are before our experience is formed and taken personally. Silence is where we discover ourselves. Silence is also where all of creation is before it comes into form.


Each one of us live in a separate reality that consists of the thinking we have going on in that moment. We live inside of the feeling of our thinking, and as our thinking changes from moment to moment, our feeling and the reality we experience also changes. To consider that this is true for every human being gives us a sincere sense of compassion and understanding for ourselves and others, which in turn results in less conflict, more curiosity, and a richer experience of everyone around us. In this week, we will dive deeper into exploring what separate realities are and how seeing them occur in our own experience can allow us to engage with others in a less restricted and an effortlessly more harmonious way. 


This week we will dive into what wisdom is and how to align ourselves so that we can clearly distinguish between the wisdom that unfolds directly from the soul and our intellectual data that we have gathered from the world we live in. The more one gets to see clearly the difference between impersonal wisdom and personal knowledge, the more one can live life guided by the mysterious and friendly power of the divine.

What others are saying from their experience of participating in the ''Be Human'' Program. -

As I write this, I am on a bike ride enjoying a pass time that before I wouldn’t have allowed myself to have because of my thinking or overthinking. It’s a bike ride to reflect on all the experiences that I am grateful to experience differently. To be more present in everything I do or don’t do. I am living my life with less guilt about enjoying things, more gratitude for what I have, who I have met. Especially everyone in the group, there is no price that can be put on that or any of the other things that I have gained, but also what I have let go of.

I am able to see people more, see that we are all humans experiencing our on story separately. With this more open awareness my compassion for people and even myself has grown. I can catch myself so much faster in a mood or feeling that I know is narrowing my perspective.

I am able to see the forest for the trees and see the trees, branches, birds, and bees. Over course this feeling of flow comes and goes but it’s a lot easier to see when my thinking has taken over and become muddied.

Thank you Shenan for the opportunity to dig deeper. - Jolene Bett.


The human mind is perfectly designed to be intelligent, creative and resilient. It generates qualities such as insight, clarity and focus all on its own without any doing on our part. And the only thing that stops us from experiencing all of its brilliant qualities consistently is the layers of thinking that we try and manage in our daily lives. Accessing resilience and creativity is a lot like leaving the window open for fresh air. In this week, we will dig into how we can put our thinking down, discover the source of resilience, and set up an inner atmosphere for our creativity to flow through. Once we can get a feel for where the fresh air is coming from, we can allow the window to stay open and experience the creative flow more often.


We are deeply conditioned to believe that relationships are confusing, hard work and take a lot of time, effort and sacrifices. However, once we get a deeper understanding of how our mind works and the role Thought plays in how we experience the people in our lives, our relationships become much easier. We can not only have rich and meaningful connections in all of our relationships, but we can also enjoy them with an intimate and transparent authenticity that is based on love and understanding. When we learn how to bring out the best in ourselves through an open mind and an open heart, we can bring out the best in others as well. Relationships can be easy and enriching. They don't have to be confusing and difficult. In this week, we will explore how this is true and possible for every human being on the planet without exception.


Presence opens up a doorway to the dimension of reality. The more present we are, the more we can meet life with our heart. Meeting life with presence from the heart allows for a deeper and clear connection. We access divine beauty, divine love, divine wisdom and divine essence through presence. It is a subtle space, but it is not to be taken lightly. The realm of presence makes life harmonious. We will explore all the ways on how we can be more present, and all the various benefits that come with it.


Every human being has what we call free will to make choices in life. We have been conditioned to think that the choices we make are external, however, there is a choice each one of us makes far before anything shows up in our external world. We use our free will in every moment to choose between what we think is helpful for us, and that which is actually helpful for us. Free will is used to determine whether we are choosing what our soul says, or what our worldly mind is telling us. We will get clear on how to use free will in the most efficient way in our lives so that it serves us. Free will is best used when it becomes the willow the divine.


Looking way upstream, we see that in every single moment of our lives, what we are actually experiencing all the time is the creative formless potential through the power of Thought that creates every reality for us from the inside out. That potential when made conscious, creates a higher quality of life in every aspect for us. We have the potential inside of us that can make every single interaction, conversation, relationship, work project, and experience absolutely magical. This potential is real, and it is innate in all of us. No one is an exception to this. I will help you see how you can live from this potential in every which way in real life, not just in theory.

What others are saying from their experience of participating in the ''Be Human'' Program. -

Shenan, I love that you always share from your own experience and latest insights and that you are so open about what’s real for you in the moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this incredible program for us and bringing together the most amazing group of people. I’m so grateful that I got to share this experience with all of you beautiful humans.

It was so inspiring to see everyone be so real, grow, create and open up more to their true nature; something that you Shenan are able to help people with in such a gentle and loving way. 

This program was so much more than I anticipated. I knew it was going to be amazing, but it blew my mind how much my life has changed since the start of this journey. I became more courageous, more comfortable with the unknown and curious about what life is going to bring next without having to figure it out right now. I love seeing how the Mind and Wisdom work and create moment by moment when I get out of the way.

I loved the creative experiments and I was surprised how effortless it was at times to create without giving it much thought (surprise surprise ).

After working with you 1:1 last year, I thought this program would be more of a revision for me, but I was wrong. Every week I learned something new or saw a bit more about the things we explored before, about myself, the nature of human experience, the spiritual nature of life, creativity, potential, love and God. This exploration is endless and unfolds in the most incredible and sometimes ordinary ways.

Can’t wait for the next round!!!

So much love to you Shenan and everyone in the group - Basia Henderson.



  1. The program will be on the Zoom platform through video calls.
  2. Each group call will commence for one and half hour every week for a total of 12 weeks.
  3. You will have weekly experiments to engage with and help your momentum.
  4. Space is limited to allow for intimacy in learning within the group members.

Financial Investment:

The Financial investment for the program is $600.00
To inquire or register for the course please email Shenan - at

What you can expect from the program.

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your experience of life.
  • Increased confidence and resilience.
  • Highest levels of inspiration and motivation.
  • Less restriction on your creativity and your goals.
  • A deeper and healthier relationship with yourself.
  • More presence and connection in all your relationships.
  • Highest levels of productivity in a fun and lighthearted way.
  • Highest levels of energy.
  • Less conflict with yourself and others.
  • More enthusiasm and engagement with life.
  • Eliminate procrastination and distractions.
  • Higher performance at work.
  • Less stress.
  • More peace of mind.
  • Less anxiety.
  • A fresh perspective on your vision for life.
  • A boundless potential to experience a joyful life.
  • Genuine hope and possibilities.
  • Ability to create what you want at any time you want.

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