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October 3, 2019

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Which Thoughts Do You Engage With ?

November 3, 2019

The realities that we operate from in each moment are shaped by the thinking we are believing in that Moment, which is a trick of the mind. .

And how to know if we’re doing helpful thinking or unhelpful thinking is to check on how we’re feeling in that moment. .

If we’re feeling emotions like stressed, anxious or frustrated and we’re in low spirits, then we are in unhelpful thinking. .

And when we are feeling lighthearted, pleasant and joyful, then we have less on our mind and there’s clear thinking going on. .

Our emotions tell us one thing only. .

What our quality of thinking is in that moment.

Emotions tell us nothing else.

They only tell us whether we are in clear or stinky thinking. .

Emotions don’t tell you about your past, your circumstance, what people did or said, traffic, weather, our laundry, health, our partner or how much work we have left to do. .

The more we engage with our thoughts and emotions, the more they stay. .

I didn’t learn this simple fact until very late in life. .

If your thinking is not bringing yu loving, peaceful and positive feelings, stop engaging with it and it will leave. .

Be kind to yourself





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