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Love is always present inside of everyone and everything.

It is that which creates. Love doesn't need to be found or created. It only needs to be uncovered. And since Love is the fundamental truth inside each and every one of us, it is a also a response-ability.

We all have the ability inside of us to always respond with Love. Each moment we are not stuck in our ideologies, philosophies, concepts, opinions, beliefs or analytical judgments - In other words, when we are not stuck in our thinking, we can notice a pleasant silence that emerges from inside.

That silence is alive.

It's rich with potential.

It has a deep possibility within it.

It's Love.

You may have noticed this blip emerge for you in times when a loved one passes or is born, or when you are in service to someone deeply, or when you are simply in the presence of children or nature. All the beliefs and thinking dissolve. We don't carry it at that moment. We effortlessly respond with Love.

That's the space that's always available.

We can respond from that space in each moment. It can be the guide for every decision.

Your ability to respond with Love is infinitely present.

Choose it.

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