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Soon as I was born, I was labeled.

Then I spent my whole life trying to unconsciously identify and fit into these labels that weren't even mine. This caused division.

When I came to my realization, my curiosity led me to start un-identify myself from all of these labels and more. I started to shed these labels that Were blocking my growth and vision.

I challenged them, I disliked them, I even judged them.

But after some time, and more self knowledge of who I truly am, I started to see myself as ONE with everyone and everything. I went back to being the child I was without these labels. Without these ideologies. Without these beliefs.

That when I became clear. That's when I was at peace.

And after I got to that space, I realized that since I am one with it all. Even these labels. I can now delve into some these dialogues unattached and un-identified with them. I can fully embrace them and be a part of them but also fully drop them. This allows me to truly enjoy different parts of the ideology, culture, religion or whatever it is without having the need or thinking that this one is the right one.

This also allows me to explore ANY different culture, religion or belief without BECOMING that.

Just like putting on a sweater. I can put it on, zip it up tight and have the full experience, but I don't have to BE the sweater. I can take it off after I'm done and BE the child that I still am. I can also put on different sweaters to fully enjoy those experiences as well.

I like it this way for now. Love for everything. Love everything.

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