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Happiness is a place you come from, not a place you get to.

Happiness is a place you come from, not a place you get to.

There's so much "information" on happiness.

17.5 steps to happiness. How to increase your daily happiness.

What routines will make you happy. Another routine to stay happy.

11& 1/4 steps to have a happy relationship.

8 things happy people do.

4 sins keeping you from happiness...and on and on.

You get the idea.

Happiness is being mistaken with Pleasure. Pleasure and pain alternate. Happiness doesn't. Pleasure is something you can get. You can get pleasure from sex, from watching a film. From going to the gym. From buying a new car. From eating a nice meal. You can also get pleasure from good thoughts.

But it all fades away.

You can't get happiness. You come with happiness. You cannot BE happy in a relationship unless you bring happiness to it.

If you feel you aren't happy. You don't need more information. Focus on transformation.

Transformation is only remembering who you are. It's not about getting more information. The way to discover happiness in your life is to uncover it. Happiness is a knowing. It's your nature since you were a baby.

You've had it all along.

It's at the core of who you are. It's not necessary to seek it outside yourself. Happiness doesn't have to to be earned. We don't have to strive to be happy.

If your happiness is tied to a reason. It will be gone with it as well.

There's a difference between Happiness and Pleasure.

Which one are you living in?

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