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It's been said there are two Motivating Forces.

1. Love 2. Fear.

But really, there's only one.

LOVE. . THERE IS NO FEAR. We "think" there is. The brain produces fear (fight or flight) .....The heart doesn't know fear. . If you're leading with your brain. It requires a lot of Energy, Will Power, Effort. The brain will push you.

If your heart is leading. There's no need to push. It takes Less Effort, less Energy and you will Flow. The heart will pull you with the presence of Love. . There is no Fear. There is only Love, or an absence of Love. Which is a call for Love. . There is no need for the word Fear anymore. . The next time you see Fear coming into play, consider it an absence Love, then ask yourself. How can I infuse this with Love?

What we focus on..... Expands! . Surrender to Love and let your Heart pull you.

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