Being Human 2.0

                                               DISCOVERING YOUR DEPTH AND CREATING FROM YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL

                                                                                                               With Shenan Charania.

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This 8-week adventure is designed to take you on a spiritual and practical journey that will help you get grounded in a simple and​ sustainable way, while we co-create together what you desire in your life beyond your limitations.



  1. To help you understand your innate capacity and have you relax into new possibilities for your work, yourself, your relationships and your life.
  2. To guide you in using your own wisdom to break through your limits and create whatever you want with more freedom, less restrictions and more creativity.

''Our mind is looking for an answer, but our heart is looking for a deep direct experience with  existence'' - Adyashanti


What 'BEING HUMAN 2.0'   will cover for you:



Understand and embody your fundamentals. Become clear on how you operate in the world. How you create your experience based on what your relationship is with the moment. Shift your experience to life and be effortlessly much more creative and less reactive.



Explore the Facts behind Life. What is absolutely true about the Human Experience and why is this useful to understand. Understand how you filter the truth and how to work with it in your favour. Discover how to act more from a pleasant feeling and less from your thoughts. You will know how to merge your intellect and your intelligence in order to support your experience of life.



Recognize your resources and be more efficient in using them. Embrace your natural confidence and stop relying on ineffective strategies to build confidence. Recognize what your most powerful resources are that you already own. Be less concerned about how to be confident and live from a space of inspiration. Learn how your mind creates chaos and how to not let it stop you or slow you down in creating your life.



For most of us, Fear and doubt are the most limiting aspects of life. We all have fears and doubts that stop us from living our lives with clarity, confidence and possibility. We allow our human potential to show up less than it is because of these two supposedly big scary monsters. Learn how your fears and doubts are created. We will handle all fears and doubts. Learn how to be less bound by your fears and doubts no matter what they are. Learn how to respect your fears less and keep doubt away from your true capacity, Have a more open and free experience of life. Live ‘from’ your potential.



Become clear on how your perception of life is created and how it becomes so amplified. Learn how to have a healthy perspective about yourself and your life. Have your potential serve you instead of chasing it. Dive deep into your belief systems. Understand what beliefs serve you and which ones don't. Equip yourself with the knowledge on how to identify limiting beliefs and navigate out of them with ease. Get your limiting beliefs handled in a way which will have you be in control of them, not the other way around. Make decisions with ease. Let go of procrastination.



Move through the understanding of why we sabotage our self and chase worthiness. Learn what drives worthiness and how we unconsciously measure it every time we want to create and grow. Learn what's stopping you from creating what you really desire in your life from a fundamental and deeply loving standpoint. Learn how to not have your self worth be an issue or a limit when you want to create. Realize your true worth and be clear about it. Go for what you actually want, not what you think you can have. Create what you want in your life from your comfort zone.
''There is a light that shines within you. All you have to do is let it shine through. Remove the curtains. Take off the mask that hides the light and light up the world.'' - Alexander Den Heijer



Understand how to have a deeper connection with yourself and others. Know what keeps your relationships a thriving and supportive place for you to navigate through your dreams. Recognize what is restricting you from having a richer experience in your relationships. Know how to be unrestricted about it. Expand your relationship with your creativity. Create from a space beyond the limited data in our minds. Experience a deeper sense of purpose in your life. Deepen the connection with the people in your life and create healthy relationships that are filled with more support and less conflict. Have more enthusiasm and engagement naturally as you create what you want from your most comfortable and vibrant self. Meet yourself with understanding and love.


Live from a place of your genuine self with less effort and less concern. Your comfort zone is authentic. Learn how to relax into yourself and have your creativity expand naturally. It's not necessary to push through any parts of you that you feel are not authentic. Meet them with love and create with an enhanced version of your individual authenticity. Be in integrity with yourself and others comfortably. Create what you genuinely desire in your work, your relationships and life from a lighthearted and clear state of mind. Experience yourself being unfiltered and unencumbered simply as a byproduct of your creativity.



Become clear on what The Truth is and what Your Truth is. And how it relates to each other. Understanding what's True beyond our personal thinking is what liberates us from the habitual thought patterns that carry forward daily only to become stale and keep us uninspired most of the time. When we can see that we have this innate capacity that's beyond our personal thinking, our potential for inspiration, motivation, joy and possibility changes forever. You will see your limiting stories vanish and how you can expand yourself with ease into what you want to create for yourself, your relationships and career. How we create anything in our lives has two components to it. Embrace and Create. Learn how to embrace from a deeper space within yourself, and create more from what is true for you out into the world


Understand what you are committed to in life and what's competing against that. Become grounded and clear in what's creating your commitments. Be consciously committed to what's sustainable and effortless for you. Drop the unconscious commitments that are holding you back. Often times we cannot see our competing commitments and they end up taking us in circles creating frustration and stress. You will know how to be committed to what you truly value and how to have commitment show up as a side effect of what you love as you move through it. We will take away the competition from your commitments and have you live in a curious and peaceful intelligence that handles even the most difficult circumstances. We will be creating from beyond our mind and you can experience how this unfolds with ease.



This is where we get real about the experience of your life. Anything from your relationships, health, contribution, success, finance, parenthood, romance, hardships, adversity, self care and leadership will be transformed in the most profound, simple and delightful way possible. You will understand a much richer and fruitful experience of your life. You will see for yourself how to look at your life and the activity in your life for what it truly is. And you will be in a space of your own creativity and grounding to take action on what you know innately to be aligned to your deepest self in order to create the experience of life in your physical world as you would want it. You will be more present than you have ever been before.

Week #12 - YOUR VISION

We will wrap the program with this highly interactive week creating your Vision. Whether that's you wanting to create something in this world that's meaningful for you, or it's simply showing up more for the people in your life in a deeper way. Whether that's being a better mom/dad/spouse/sibling, starting a company or taking better care of yourself. We will get into action steps that are from your deepest and truest self and have you put your insights out into the world with joy and support. The distinction between a vision and an ambitious goal. A goal is focused on an end result. It keeps us living into the future and we miss all the beauty and insight in the present. A vision is about living in the process. it is about curiosity, inclusion and action. It's about letting your insight guide you, not a plan, but a process. A goal is about being formulaic. A vision is about becoming the person who comes from a place of genuinity and a deep presence to life. When we have goals from a distorted mind, they are often riddled with fears and insecurities. When we have a clear vision and objectives from a fresh and clear mind, they are aligned and effortless. You will experience the latter.

''Create with the heart, build with the mind.'' - Criss Jami

This program will show you how TO EMBRACE AND RECEIVE the sweetest parts of yourself, and then direct what you discover to CREATE YOUR WORLD with clarity, enthusiasm and purpose.
**The first half of the course we will focus on getting grounded and shifting perspective to help you see your world with more creativity and possibility. 
**In the second half, the focus is on the implications of this new boundless creativity and helping you bring that out into the world in a practical way. This is where you start to sink into your possibilities and take action on them. 



  1. The program will be on the Zoom platform through video calls.
  2. One 2 hour group call per week for 8 weeks.
  3. You will have weekly exercises and videos that supports every step of each week.
  4. Access to a private Facebook group where daily action and resources will enhance the experience. We will share challenges, questions and continue each weeks discussion in the group. I will be available daily on this group through the entire program.
  5. This Group Program is limited to only 25 participants.
  6. The facebook group will stay open for an extra 3 months after the program is finished to continue supporting you and your vision as you explore, experiment and create out in the world.
  7. You will also get two private 1:1 coaching sessions with me. 1 before we start the program to help you get a head start on being clear on your mindset and energy, and 1 session at the end of the 12 weeks to support you closely in your vision, skillset and actions you are taking in your world.


Financial Investment:


If you are an early bird and register by August 15th 2020 your investment is $300.00
If you register after 15th of August the investment is $400.00
Registration closes August 25th, 2020.
To inquire or register for the course please email 

At the heart of every relationship is Love and Understanding.


What you can expect from the program.

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your life
  • Increased confidence and resilience
  • Higher levels of inspiration and motivation
  • Less restriction on your creativity and your goals
  • A healthy and deep relationship with yourself
  • More presence in all your relationships and daily life
  • Higher levels of productivity in a fun and lighthearted way
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Less conflict with yourself and others
  • More enthusiasm and engagement with life
  • Eliminate procrastination and distractions
  • Higher performance at work
  • Less stress
  • More peace of mind
  • Less anxiety
  • A fresh perspective on your vision for life
  • Less old, stale thinking
  • A boundless potential to experience a joyful life
  • More genuine happiness

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