October 30, 2019

When we approach our work as an art that has no borderlines, we trigger the creativity to come out and guide us. - 

Just like a farmer that listens and considers all of the factors involved in helping his crops, while asserting only a sprinkle of his own self in it. 


October 21, 2019

Today is #WorldMentalHealth Day. .

It would be very helpful to have more people learn about what Mental Health is. .

We know so much about Mental Illness.

We know about... . 

... Anxiety ... Depression. ... Mental disorders ... Schizophrenia ... Stress ... Pers...

October 12, 2019

I spent 5 good days in Whistler this week experiencing all the wonder this place offers.
Met some incredible people.

I noticed two things from everyone I met and spoke to.

(1) - No one I met was from BC. Every single person I spoke to was from another country province.


October 3, 2019

I often get asked from my clients how to be more productive.

They might have a week where they feel they haven’t got much done or they haven’t got enough done.

They sometimes tell me that their productivity goes in and out and they cant be consistently productive.


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