August 30, 2019

Pain is a great driving force. 

So is Love. 

One comes from a point of reference. .

The other comes from a clear space in the present moment. .

One becomes exhausting over time. .

The other one becomes creative over time. -

One has great huge boundaries. .

The o...

August 28, 2019

Have you ever fallen down while you are walking or running ?

How hard are you on yourself for falling down?

I’m guessing not so much.

You might be a bit embarrassed for missing a step, but ultimately you understand that you forgot how gravity works for a second and t...

August 25, 2019

The human mind is always thinking up storms that don’t actually exist.

It’s continuously telling us what the worst case might be.

And when we get fooled by it, we can find ourselves frustrated, stressed out and hopeless.

It doesn’t matter if we are looking at our own p...

August 22, 2019

Often times we forget what our own business is.

We unconsciously expect people to be a certain way. We expect things to work out a certain way.
We have stories.

When we think a certain amount of progress should be made in a certain amount of time, that is a story


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