June 26, 2015

What if we let go of what the results should be? 

If we focus continuously on the results, we always seem to live in the future. We miss the present. 

If you go to the gym to focus on the results you want, eventually the process loses it's enjoyment. You compare yourse...

June 21, 2015

Happiness is a place you come from, not a place you get to. 

There's so much "information" on happiness.

17.5 steps to happiness. How to increase your daily happiness.

What routines will make you happy. Another routine to stay happy.

11& 1/4 steps to have a happy relation...

June 19, 2015

It's been said there are two Motivating Forces. 

1. Love 
2. Fear. 

But really, there's only one. 



We "think" there is. The brain produces fear (fight or flight) .....The heart doesn't know fear. .
If you're leading with your brain. It...

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